[vsnet-alert 17050] Re: (cba:chat) Next HST observations: SDSS1006+2337

Michael J. Cook, Newcastle Observatory michael.cook at newcastleobservatory.ca
Wed Mar 19 13:04:06 JST 2014


Hi Team,

Just checked in on SDSS J100658.40+233724.4. Mag 17.405 (err 0.061) in
V-band at JD 2456735.65244. Posted to AAVSO WebObs.


Michael J. Cook

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On 2014-03-17 01:43, Boris Gaensicke wrote: 

> Dear All,
> the HST observations of SDSS1006+2337 are now only
> a few days away, and the decision whether STScI will
> allow us to observe the star will be taken on the 19th.
> If not ... HST will stare at a blank piece of sky instead.
> Thanks for all the data you got so far. I know that the
> moon does not help, but please try over the next
> couple of days to get as deep images of the star as
> possible.
> The most recent data showed some large scatter,
> with excursions up to ~16.5mag - my guess is that
> this is related to the severe moon background, but
> it will worry the people at STScI that have to take the
> decision whether the observations are safe for COS.
> We will need some more confirmation that the star is
> behaving well to reassure them...
> Best wishes,
> Boris
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