[vsnet-alert 17078] MASTER OT J192809.82+551616.5: stopped fading

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 21:40:11 JST 2014

Following [vsnet-alert 17076], this large amplitude OT in Cygnus was
observed with MASTER-Tunka again last night. The object stopped

MASTER OT J192809.82+551616.5
  20140315.686  <166C   MASTER-Kislovodsk
  20140316.778   159C   MASTER-Amur
  20140320.749   167C   MASTER-Amur
  20140322.743   174C   MASTER-Tunka
  20140323.910   172C   MASTER-Tunka

Since the quiescent magnitude is <22.5, the outburst on Mar. 16 was
likely a precursor outburst. After the plato (or temporary standstill)
we can expect rebrightening to the superoutburst. Follow up
observations are encouraged!

Denis Denisenko
Member of MASTER team at SAI MSU

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