[vsnet-alert 17114] Re: TCP J17154683-3128303: possible nova (10.1mag) in Scorpius

綾仁 一哉 kazuya_ayani at city.ibara.okayama.jp
Sun Mar 30 09:31:00 JST 2014

I have posted the following report to CBAT and TOCP.

K. Ayani and S. Maeno, Bisei Astronomical Observatory (BAO), Ibara Okayama, Japan, obtained a low-resolution spectrogram (range 400-800 nm; resolution 0.5 nm atH-alpha) of TCP J17154683-3128303 on Mar. 27.8 UT with the BAO 1-m telescope.  The spectrum shows broad emission lines of Balmer series, He I 501.6, 587.8, 706.5, and probably of O I 777.3.  H-alpha line has FWHM of 7000 km/s and EW of about 90 nm.  It indicates that the TCP is a nova in early phase.  Our spectrum is posted at http://www.bao.city.ibara.okayama.jp/astro/2014/nova/TCP_J17154683-3128303_Mar27.png.

Best regards,
Kazuya Ayani
Bisei Astronomical Observatory

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