[vsnet-alert 17429] astrometry of ASAS-SN CVs

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Jul 1 07:05:43 JST 2014

astrometry of ASAS-SN CVs

   Josch Hambsch has provided astrometric measurements of
three recent ASAS-SN CVs.  Since ASAS-SN pixels are large,
these measurements will help identifying the quiescent

For ASASSN-14bs the coordinates are:

RA 19:9:55.77
DEC -63:28:5.6

For ASASSN-14cl the coordinates are:

RA 21:54:57.70
DEC 26:41:12.9

For ASASSN-14cq the coordinates are:

RA 15:32:0.29
DEC -28:33:57.2

All very close to the values given in the VSX of the AAVSO.

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