[vsnet-alert 17478] ASASSN-14ds = 1RXS J204455.9-115151 archival data

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 19:30:52 JST 2014

This object was not reported as a variable before and was not listed
in AAVSO VSX so far. Here are the IDs in various catalogs:

1RXS J204455.9-115151 flux=0.0962+/-0.0165 cnts/s HR1=0.54+/-0.17
USNO-A2.0 0750-20360551 20 44 55.89 -11 51 53.8  B=16.8 R=16.3
USNO-B1.0 0781-0723369 20 44 55.876 -11 51 52.76 pmRA=-4 pmDE=26
B1=16.78 R1=17.21 B2=18.04 R2=16.93 I=16.53
GALEX J204455.8-115152 (FUV=18.05+/-0.05 NUV=17.77+/-0.03)
2MASS J20445587-1151529 (J=15.17+/-0.06 H=14.70+/-0.09 K=14.22+/-0.08)
XMMSL1 J204455.8-115154 = 6dF J2044559-115154

This area of sky in Aquarius is not covered by SDSS. Color-combined
DSS finder chart (10'x10' FOV):

I have checked Palomar-NEAT data at SkyMorph website. There are about
80 images of changing quality available from July 1998 to Sep. 2005.
The object was in outburst on 2002 Aug. 11 (~2.5m brighter than on
Aug. 07) and faded back by 2.5m on Aug. 16. Comparison of Aug. 07 and
11 NEAT images is uploaded to
http://master.sai.msu.ru/static/OT/ASASSN-14ds-NEAT-2002.jpg (Aug. 11
images have poor limiting magnitude and were co-added).

Light curve from Catalina Sky Survey shows no bright outbursts in 9
years, but quite a large variability at quiescence (16.2-17.2m):

The object can be similar to the unusual variable MASTER OT
J015016.17+375620.5 = 1RXS J015017.0+375614.

Denis Denisenko

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