[vsnet-alert 17598] ASASSN-14dx: coherent periods: superhumps?

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Aug 7 10:03:51 JST 2014

ASASSN-14dx: coherent periods: superhumps?

   Josch Hambsch has reported 22-d observations of this
unusual object.  Berto Monard has also reported observations.
It has become evident that this object has a coherent
period of 0.05751(1) d.  The waveform looks like that of
superhumps, although the secondary maximum is rather
prominent.  The mean full amplitude was 0.05 mag.
In addition to this period, there is a suggestion
of a period of 0.055908(5) d, which has a double-wave
modulation.  If these periods are the superhump and
orbital periods, the fractional superhump excess is
too large (2.9%) for this period.  The exact identification
of the periods should await further observations.
The object has been fading very slowly for a superoutburst.

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