[vsnet-alert 17610] CSS J174033.5+414756 outburst

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 19:07:33 JST 2014

This very unusual large amplitude (~7m) short-period (65-min) dwarf
nova in Hercules is in outburst! Last negative observation was a week

CSS J174033.5+414756 (ASASSN-13ae)
  20140730.120  <142V   C. Chiselbrook (AAVSO)
  20140806.109   138V   C. Chiselbrook (AAVSO)
  20140806.993  13.98V  J.-L. Gonzalez Carballo (AAVSO)
  20140807.087   139V   C. Chiselbrook (AAVSO)
  20140807.157  13.77V  J. O'Neill (AAVSO)

Light curve of CSS 130418:174033+414756 from Catalina Sky Survey:

Previous outbursts: 2013 Apr. 18 (discovery by CSS), 2007 May 15
(found post factum in CSS data). There was extensive observing
campaign in April-May 2013 following [vsnet-alert 15629]. The
photometric behavior (~50 days long superoutburst and evolution of
superhumps) plus presense of Hydrogen lines in spectra allowed to
classify the star as UGWZ dwarf nova. The period around 0.045d makes
it an extremely unusual object. Yet now we have an outburst just 15.5
months after the previous one!

Denis Denisenko

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