[vsnet-alert 17642] V344 Lyr superoutburst

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Aug 21 09:06:57 JST 2014

V344 Lyr superoutburst

  (Not for a call for time-resolved photometry)

  Since Kepler no longer observes this object, ground-based
monitoring (nightly snapshots) is important to follow
the variation of supercycles and frequency of normal

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20140807.049  <173CV  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140812.045  14.702CV  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140813.983   149  (Gary Poyner)
  20140814.072  14.831V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140814.073  14.808V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140814.074  14.807V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140814.076  14.871V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140814.078  14.883V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140814.969   148  (Chris Allen)
  20140815.076  14.915V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140815.078  14.928V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140815.079  14.916V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140815.081  14.926V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140815.082  14.892V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140815.881   148  (Chris Allen)
  20140816.068  15.010V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140816.069  14.983V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140816.072  14.994V  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140819.204  15.366CV  (Kevin B. Paxson)
  20140819.935   153  (Gary Poyner)

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