[vsnet-alert 17656] ASASSN-14gb: a new SU UMa-type dwarf nova

Ohshima ohshima at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Aug 26 06:46:31 JST 2014

VSNET campaign target list (2014 Aug 25)

  *** VSNET campaign selected current target list 2014 Aug 25 ***

Object     Class   Position     Type       State       Mag     Data   Remark
Added Date
CSS J174033.5+414756            UG        SU UMa     14.5     1
                                         superhumps   rebrighteing

ASASSN-14cv       17:43:48.58    UG       WZ Sge      17        1
                 +52:03:46.8              7th rebrightening

ASASSN-14fu       19:30:58.5     UG       SU UMa     15.2       1

LY Hya            13:31:53.8     UG       SU UMa     13.6       1

ASASSN-14ei       02:55:33.3    UG        AM CVn      15.3       1
                 -47:50:42.1              fourth rebrightening

CC Scl            23:15:31.8    UG        SU UMa     17       1
                 -30:48:47              superhump

ASASSN14-fc       20:16:23.52   UG       SU UMa      13.4     1
                 +62:17:28.2             candidate

ASASSN-14dx       02:34:27.59   UG        SU UMa?     16:    2
                 -04:54:34.3             unusual DN?

ASASSN-14eh       20:32:37.49   UG        SU UMa    15.8      2
                 +03:5:25.9               superhumps

OT J230523.1-022546            UG        WZ Sge    17      2

other dwarf novae in superoutburst

other objects of current interest

CSS J220031.2+033429 (Z Cam candidate)
AG Peg (bright ZAND. active state), 
HS2133+0513(VY Scl? fading)
V3804 Sgr (Z And type outburst), 
HS0220+0603 (VY Scl type, recovering from a deep fading), 
MASTER OT J015016.17+375620.5 (unusual dwarf nova?)


* Class: 1 = primary target for time-resolved photometry
         2 = secondary target for time-resolved photometry
         3 = optional target.  Daily monitoring is enough in
                most cases.

* Data: data request, 1 = VSNET core team, data will be received by
       campaign report list
       (vsnet-campaign-report at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp).

  Please closely watch vsnet-alert and vsnet-outburst for other new

                          *** Notice ***

  This list is "read-only", i.e. it is used only for announcement
of the target lists.  Other information, as well as reports and
discussions on particular targets, should be directed to the
appropriate VSNET campaign sub-lists (e.g. vsnet-campaign-dn for
dwarf novae).

  Nightly time-series observations should be now directed to
(cc: to Ohshima-san ohshima at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp may quicken
the analysis):

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