[vsnet-alert 17663] Re: ASASSN-14fu: ultrashort-period object again?

Ian Miller furzehillobservatory at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 27 21:25:05 JST 2014

According to Astrometrica and the USNO-B1.0 the position of this outbursting object is


19 30 59.19 +51 57 35.7 (2000) +/-0.16"


Best Regards,


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> Subject: [vsnet-alert 17662] ASASSN-14fu: ultrashort-period object again?
> ASASSN-14fu: ultrashort-period object again?
> We have received observations from Ian Miller,
> Osaka Kyoiku U. team and Javier Ruiz. Although superhump
> period could not be determined from early observations,
> now it has become evident that after Aug. 20 can be
> expressed by a period of 0.02572(1) d. The mean amplitude
> of this period has been 0.04 mag and the variation
> has been sufficiently coherent. Before Aug. 20,
> the preferred period was 0.0255(1) d with a mean amplitude
> of 0.03 mag. The object may be again a new EI Psc-type
> object (or less likely an AM CVn-type).
> Further observations are encouraged.
> Dear Ian, could you provide astrometry of
> the outbursting object?

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