[vsnet-alert 17681] MASTER OT J021216.01+461154.5 bright outburst

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Sat Aug 30 17:27:45 JST 2014

This CV in Andromeda with variability range 14.4-18.6 CR is in very
bright outburst on the first Bradford Robotic Telescope image after
the seasonal break in observations:

MASTER OT J021216.01+461154.5 = SDSS J021216.01+461155.1
  20140830.209  13.80CV  BRT  Outburst!

When the discovery was announced in ATel 3898 (14.4m on 2012-01-29.577
UT), Taichi Kato has estimated Porb at about 0.28 d based on SDSS
colors, see [vsnet-alert 14193].

Here are the IDs of the variable:
USNO-B1.0 1361-0046260 (02 12 16.00 +46 11 55.4 B1=18.74 R1=18.67
B2=20.00 R2=19.35 I=18.79)
SDSS J021216.01+461155.1 (u=19.14 g=19.18 r=18.52 i=18.11 z=17.71)
GALEX J021216.0+461154 (FUV=20.32+/-0.15 NUV=20.30+/-0.14)

There was another outburst to 15.6m on 2013-01-29, see [vsnet-alert
15321]. Bill Stein has observed the further brightening to 13.9m on
2013 Jan. 31, but has not detected any superhumps. Instead, the star
has faded by 0.1m in 3.7 hours. The current outburst is significantly
brighter than January 2012 one. Another chance to measure the orbital
period. While there, please also keep an eye at DDE 31 (UGSU variable
12' to the east-south-east of MASTER OT).

Denis Denisenko
Member of MASTER team since April 2012

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