[vsnet-alert 17986] Spectrum confirmation of PSN in PGC006399

Thierry Garrel gabalou at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 10:30:28 JST 2014

A 3h exposure of a PSN in PGC6399 see Atel#6714
<http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=6714> has been taken at
cassegrain focus of Omicron at C2PU 1 meter telescope, at "Observatoire de la
côte d'azur" (Calern station, UAI code 010)  with an Alpy600 spectroscope
with a spectral resolution of 400.

 Strong Na I+He I 5876 line is visible in the spectrum . The Si II line,
and the blended Mg II, He I and Fe II lines are also visible. Hydrogen
lines are not visible. According to the classical supernova classification
("Stellar Spectral Classification", Gray and Corbally, Princeton Univ.
Press), this object is likely to be an early Ib type supernova.

The spectrum data are available upon request to the corresponding author.

Observers are T. de France (AAVSO, France), P. Dubreuil (ARGETAC, France),
T. Garrel (Obs. de Juvignac, France), A. Lopez (ARGETAC, France), J.P.
Rivet (OCA, France), P. Bendjoya (OCA, France), L. Abe (OCA, France), D.
Vernet (OCA, France)

PSN Spectrum <http://cjoint.com/?DKtbryKmmXl>

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