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Tue Mar 3 21:57:05 JST 2015


I have observed this star yesterday night. So far no apparent changes visible in the light curve.Magnitude is about 12.9 mag (CV).

Data will be transmitted to VSNET.
Maybe I can take a low resolution spectrum (SA200) of the object tonight.



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   Good candidate for a WZ Sge-type dwarf nova!

ASASSN-15ee 	--- 	------- 	6:36:17.42 	-31:14:43.9 	2015-03-2.08 	12.55 	SDSS 	DSS 	VIZIER 	------- 	Bright CV candidate, Matches to USNO B=19.9, V>17.2 on 2015-02-25.13, V=12.6 on 2015-03-02.08.

ASASSN-15ee 20150225.13 <172V ASN
ASASSN-15ee 20150302.08 126V ASN

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