[vsnet-alert 18396] Re: ASASSN-15ee possibly another UGWZ type DN

Josch Hambsch hambsch at telenet.be
Tue Mar 10 01:24:50 JST 2015


I was travelling the past two days and could not download data. I am busy
with it and as soon as the data are analysed I will sent them to VSNET.

Congratulations Berto for the find.



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Subject: [vsnet-alert 18394] Re: ASASSN-15ee possibly another UGWZ type DN

Re: ASASSN-15ee possibly another UGWZ type DN


   It seems to me that the superhump amplitude is a bit too large for a WZ
Sge-type dwarf nova although the initial fading rate suggests a WZ Sge-like
I couldn't detect a signal of early superhumps before the appearance of
The observers are Josch Hambsch and Berto Monard.

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