[vsnet-alert 18513] Symbiotic star H2-34 possibly in an active state

Berto Monard bmonard at mweb.co.za
Fri Apr 3 04:19:16 JST 2015

Symbiotic star H2-34 might have reached an eruptive state as shown by recent
observations done at the Kleinkaroo Observatory, Western Cape, South Africa


2456846.25	18.30
2457081.60	16.41
2457100.60	16.35
2457104.50	16.46
2457110.55	16.41

No V observations of H2-34 were conducted at the KKO between JD 2456386.5 and
2457081.6 except the one tabled.

It is not certain exactly when the active state may have started but a sudden
brightening of H2-34 occurred in the Ic band on date JD 2456969.3 .
Earlier observations between 2004 and 2013 (period JD 2453308.2 - 2456386.5)
showed H2-34 fainter than 18.0 V. 

Berto Monard
Kleinkaroo Observatory

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