[vsnet-alert 18531] ASASSN-15gq: superhump period

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Apr 13 10:14:10 JST 2015

ASASSN-15gq: superhump period

   Tonny Vanmunster and Ian Miller have supplied observations.
Although the reported superhumps were visible, the profile
is unusual.  If the basic period is 0.0653(2) d, the profile
is strongly doubly humped.  There appears to be a possibility
of half of this period.  Further observations are encouraged.

Basic data:

ASASSN-15gq 	--- 	------- 	10:15:11.32 	81:24:17.5 	2015-04-10.44 	15.43 	SDSS 	DSS 	VIZIER 	------- 	large amplitude CV candidate, matches to blue g=21.6 source, also GALEX match, V>17.4 on 2015-04-09.29, V=15.4 on 2015-04-10.44

ASASSN-15gq 20150409.29 <174V ASN
ASASSN-15gq 20150410.44 154V ASN

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