[vsnet-alert 18548] Re: ASASSN-15gn, possible ugwz type CV

Josch Hambsch hambsch at telenet.be
Thu Apr 16 03:54:48 JST 2015

Hi Berto,

I am also following this star. I can not really confirm your findings of 0.3
CR mag modulations. Mine if there at all are much smaller. I use the V
magnitude (CV) as comparison magnitude.
Anyway the star is on my list and will be kept there until it has dropped
below mag 18 or so.



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More than 2 weeks into its bright outburst, ASASSN-15gn has at last started
to show a cyclic modulation with a period of around 0.0630d (+/- 0.0004d)
and 0.3CR in range.

Periods for the possible superhump cycle were determined by the Peranso
software using several methods. 
The period given above was derived as the mean of those periods and the
spread of results was used to estimate the standard deviation.
The initial mean magnitude of 14.0 has gradually dropped to 15.4.

This CV deserves further monitoring with timeseries observations, but
weather around here is not promising.

The above report is based on timeseries with an unfiltered CCD of
ASASSN-15gn on
14-15 Apr 2015 and on several earlier nights in April 2015 at CBA Kleinkaroo

Berto Monard / CBA Kleinkaroo

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