[vsnet-alert 18581] ASASSN-15ib

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Apr 28 09:47:32 JST 2015


   This object showed many outbursts in ASAS-3 data.
The brightest outburst reached V=12.7.

ASASSN-15ib 	--- 	------- 	15:57:15.23 	-30:48:37 	2015-04-26.11 	14.74 	SDSS 	DSS 	VIZIER 	------- 	bright CV candidate caught on the rise, matches to B=18.0 source, strong variability and one outburst in CRTS data, V>16.3 on 2015-04-23.14, V=14.9 on 2015-04-26.11, V=14.3 on 2015-04-26.24

ASASSN-15ib 20150423.14 <163V ASN
ASASSN-15ib 20150426.11 149V ASN
ASASSN-15ib 20150426.24 143V ASN

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