[vsnet-alert 19049] ASASSN-15po: preliminary analysis

Gianluca Masi gianluca at bellatrixobservatory.org
Sat Sep 12 12:56:55 JST 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I managed to cover this star by time-resolved photometry for almost 6 hours, 
remotely using the Virtual Telescope robotic facility. The sky was amazing.

The star was ~ mag. 14.3, unfiltered.

The resulting lightcurve clearly shows early superhumps with an estimated period 
of 1.20(6) hours and an amplitude of 0.07 mags. The star showed a slow fading 
trend during the run.

Further observations are encouraged to track the development of early superhumps 
and emerging, ordinary superhumps.

Data sent to Kyoto for analysis.

Best regards
Gianluca Masi
The Virtual Telescope Project

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