[vsnet-alert 19121] spectroscopic confirmation that ASASSN-15qd is a nova

Colin Littlefield clittlef at alumni.nd.edu
Tue Oct 6 10:34:19 JST 2015

I am currently obtaining a low-resolution spectrum of ASASSN-15qd. 
Although I have not yet performed a formal analysis, I have visually 
examined the raw CCD images. There is strong, broad H-alpha emission 
along with several comparably broad emission lines in the near infrared. 
The continuum is weak and red. Based on these preliminary findings, the 
transient is indeed a highly reddened nova, as proposed in vsnet-alert 
19120 by Maehara-san.

After I have reduced the data and formally analyzed the spectrum, I will 
report it either in an ATel (if nobody else has already done so) or here 

Best Regards,

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