[vsnet-alert 19667] RZ LMi: faded to quiescence

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Thu Mar 31 11:13:37 JST 2016

RZ LMi: faded to quiescence

   Crimean Astrophys. Obs. team (N. Pit, relayed by
E. Pavlenko), Shugarov's team (S.Shugarov, V.Krushevska),
Itoh-san and Geoff Stone have reported new observations.
The object rapidly faded on Mar. 29-30.  This means
that the long standstill-like phase was an elongated
superoutburst plateau.  The object will undergo one or
two normal outbursts in coming days, and will undergo
another superoutburst soon.  During this phase, we have
a chance to detect stage A superhumps.  The next several
days will become extremely important and continuous
time-resolved photometry (from all longitudes) is
requested.  The present behavior is consistent with
Osaki's thermal-tidal disk instability model at
a very high mass-transfer rate.

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