[vsnet-alert 20050] ASAS-SN: discovery of three very bright candidate CVs, including a possible Galactic nova

Kris Stanek stanek.32 at osu.edu
Mon Aug 8 07:59:16 JST 2016



ASASSN-16ib	14:32:3.73	-33:8:14.7	2016-08-5.05	14.2

very bright CV candidate, matches to B=21.3 source also GALEX match, 
V>17.4 on 2016-08-02.006, V=14.2 on 2016-08-05.05


ASASSN-16id	13:26:12.41	-74:48:13.9	2016-08-7	12.9

very bright CV candidate, matches to B=17.1 source, V>17.0 on 
2016-08-03.02, V=12.9 on 2016-08-07.00


ASASSN-16ig	18:1:7.76	-26:31:43.5	2016-08-6.96	13.3

very bright CV candidate caught very early, very close to the Galactic 
center, so could also be a classical nova, V>17.3 on 2016-08-05.96, V=13.3 
on 2016-08-06.965

If ASASSN-16ig is a Galactic classical nova, it should appear much 
brighter in redder bands (R-band or I-band)

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