[vsnet-alert 20094] Re: ASASSN-16jb: discovery of a very bright transient close to the Galactic Center

Berto Monard bmonard at mweb.co.za
Sun Aug 21 05:55:31 JST 2016

V and I observations at CBA Kleinkaroo clearly show transient ASASSN-16jb to be a blue object. Unfiltered timeseries photometry are presently ongoing. No modulation seem to be present at this early stage.

Observing results will be reported.

Berto Monard / KKO

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On Fri, 2016-08-19 at 16:46 -0400, Kris Stanek wrote:
> http://www.astronomy.ohio-state.edu/~assassin/transients.html
> ASASSN-16jb 	17:50:45 	-25:58:37.2 	2016-08-19.14 	13.2
> Very bright CV candidate caught very early and on the rise, very close 
> to the Galactic center, so could also be a classical nova, V>17.2 on 
> 2016-08-17.04, V=13.3 on 2016-08-18.09, V=13.2 on 2016-08-19.14
> If ASASSN-16jb is a Galactic classical nova, it should appear much 
> brighter in redder bands (R-band or I-band)

     I note a weak detection in the GALEX near-uv image, and also on POSS-I blue/red, but much fainter on UK Schmidt plates.  Assuming the RA end-figures above are 45s.00, the object seems to correspond to a faint star in the UKIDSS survey:  17 50 44.96 -25 58 37.2 (J2000) with J-K = 2.7.  There is a GLIMPSE source 0".26 away at:
17 50 44.94 -25 58 37 (typical scatter ~0".3 in the Spitzer astrometry).


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