[vsnet-alert 20254] Re: ASASSN-16ma: bright CV or a galactic nova

Patrick Schmeer pasc1312-aavso at yahoo.de
Wed Oct 26 19:31:05 JST 2016

Quote from ATel #9669:
"ASASSN-16ma was discovered in images obtained
on 2016-10-25.02 at V~13.7 and proceed to brighten
to V~11.6 a day later (UT 2016-10-26.02). We do not
detect (V>17.3) the object in images taken on
UT 2016-10-20.04 and before. No previous outbursts
are detected at this location since ASAS-SN started
observing the Galactic center in March 2016."

Full text: http://www.astronomerstelegram.org/?read=9669

The International Variable Star Index:


Kris Stanek <stanek.32 at osu.edu> wrote:

[vsnet-alert 20249] ASASSN-16ma: bright CV or a galactic nova


ASASSN-16ma 18:20:52.12 -28:22:13.5 2016-10-25.02 13.61

close to the Galactic center (l,b=4.288,-6.468),
so could be a classical nova or a bright CV
candidate, V>17.3 on 2016-10-20.04, V=13.7 on 

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