[vsnet-alert 20816] OV Boo: Sign of stage A superhump?

Keisuke Isogai isogai at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Mar 24 13:28:54 JST 2017

OV Boo: Sign of stage A superhump?

     Maeda-san, Tonny Vanmunster, Colin Littlefield, Crimean Astrophys. 
Obs. team
(Sosnovskij and Pavlenko), Hiroshima U. team (Uemura, Kawabata and Nakaoka)
and Kyoto U. team have reported new observations.
     Profiles of early superhumps have decayed. This is a sign of appearance
of stage A superhumps! Further observations are strongly encouraged.
     The transition from early superhumps to ordinary superhumps may be
unclear. Please observe this rare superoutburst continuously.

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