[vsnet-alert 20832] AO Her fading

FIDRICH Robert fidusz at gmail.com
Tue Mar 28 20:09:29 JST 2017

Dear Friends,

Balázs Bagó of HAA/VSS alerted us, that the RCB star AO Her was rapidly
Pleriminary photometry of my DSLR images and some HAA/VSS visual and a CCD
observation of Shawn Dvorak (AAVSO) confirns tha fading:

AO Her    20170304.107    11.2TG    FID
AO Her    20170317.091    12.2TG    FID
AO Her    20170321.163    12.8TG    FID
AO Her    20170326.240     13.76V    DKS
AO Her    20170327.800    14.3    BGB
AO Her    20170328.030     <14.0    FOD

Clear skies,

Robert Fidrich

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