[vsnet-alert 20846] DDE 73 outburst and variable reference star

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 23:22:24 JST 2017

I have obtained additional observations of DDE 73 = GALEX J060218.6+630745
from iTelescope T11 in Mayhill. The star has brightened by 0.45m within 4

Below are the updated magnitudes re-measured using 142 comparison star from
AAVSO Chart Team (many thanks to Jim Jones!)

DDE 73
  20170330.944  15.65CV ART
  20170331.114  15.20CV T11
  20170331.120  15.20CV T11

The comparison star I have used in [vsnet-alert 20843] turned out to be
variable itself! It appears to be EA with 0.8m amplitude and a period about
1.07d from Catalina Sky Survey data. I have submitted it to VSX as DDE 78.
It is located 1.01' North-West of DDE 73.

Color-combined chart showing both variables (10'x10' FOV centered at DDE

The chart showing dwarf nova DDE 73 with the GALEX UV image as an inset:

Denis Denisenko (DDE)

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