[vsnet-alert 20994] ASASSN-17fp: (temporary?) faded

Keisuke Isogai isogai at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed May 10 09:57:22 JST 2017

ASASSN-17fp: (temporary?) faded

     Berto Monard and Josch Hambsch have reported new observations.
The object had already faded to about 18.5-19 mag on May 8.
     However, the object might show 2nd superoutburst. This object is
an AM CVn star with a long orbital period, and such system x have
an extreme low mass ratio. According to study on WZ Sge-type, many
of extreme low mass ratio CVs like period bouncers show "double
superoutbursts", which is composed of 1st superoutburst with early
superhump and 2nd superoutburst with ordinary superhump. Actually,
NSV 1440 showed a double superoutburst in 2015 superoutburst.
     Thus further observations are encouraged.

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