[vsnet-alert 21071] Re: [vsnet-outburst 20907] Re: V1296 Sgr = ASASSN-17gw

Sebastian Otero sebastian at aavso.org
Wed May 31 11:56:53 JST 2017

>>> Re: V1296 Sgr = ASASSN-17gw

   I checked the original finding chart and noticed
that the position is slightly different.
V1296 Sgr was located closer to "e".  The ASAS object
(betweem yellow bars) is closer to "c". <<<

Not actually. I also did the same check and an animation with the chart and 
the DSS image.


The ASAS-SN object is not the star you marked, which is too faint (V= 15.7) 
for the finding chart but too bright compared with the dwarf nova in 
quiescence (V= 17.7) in the DSS image.
The dwarf nova is 11" to the NNE of the star you marked.


Sebastian Otero
VSX Team
American Association of Variable Star Observers

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