[vsnet-alert 21294] Re: ASASSN-17hx spectra

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Jul 28 15:12:03 JST 2017

Re: ASASSN-17hx spectra

   It's very good to know that the ARAS team has been
obtaining spectra.


   The P Cyg-type profile is getting stronger!

   At the time of writing vsnet-alert 21271, I overlooked
ATel #10572 by Munari et al.  This ATel has a title
"... finally passing through maximum" and in the text
"peak brightness has been reached at V=10.90, B-V=+0.85 on
June 10, followed by a slow decline.", but I couldn't
confirm this fading trend.

   I should note the transition from He/N type (this is
not meant for the classification of the nova since this
terminology is defined for post-maximum novae) to FeII type.
V5558 Sgr was another good example.


   If any nova is observed sufficiently early, it would
probably show He/N-type spectrum (as Munari et al. noted).
This has been true for many recent novae thanks to
early discoveries and announcements.

   As we have seen in V5558 Sgr, interpretation during
the premaximum halt requires caution.  Even if FeII-type
feature is dominant, it may be different in later stages.
Please continue keeping a close key on the spectral

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