[vsnet-alert 21443] ASASSN-17lr: new WZ Sge-type DN?

Keisuke Isogai isogai at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Sep 18 16:55:22 JST 2017

ASASSN-17lr: new WZ Sge-type DN?

     Ian Miller has reported new observations. The outburst was detected on Sep. 4,
and the object had not shown a reliable signal of superhumps at least for one week.
After Sep. 15, we can see superhumps with amplitudes of .0.15 mag. The likely period
is 0.0572 / 0.0588 / 0.0605 d. The object may be a new WZ Sge-type DN.
     Further observations are recommended.

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