[vsnet-alert 21691] ASASSN-17pn: temporary faded?

Keisuke Isogai isogai at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Dec 11 23:22:04 JST 2017

ASASSN-17pn: temporary faded?

     Crimean Astrophys. Obs. team, Itoh-san, Tonny Vanmunster, Tamas Tordai
and Kyoto U. team have reported the observations.
     The plateau stage lasted for 18 days with no clear evidence of superhumps.
Then the object faded from 15.7 mag on Dec. 9 to 16.4 mag on Dec. 11. This
might be temporary fading because a part of period bouncers show a temporary
dip between early and ordinary superhump phase. If the surmise is true, the
object will brighten again and we can detect stage A superhumps in the initial
phase of the next brightening.
     Further observations are encoruaged.

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