[vsnet-alert 21713] PNV J06501960+3002449 past outburst in 2002

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 07:55:01 JST 2017

The position of PNV J06501960+3002449 was observed by NEAT project (Pravdo
et al., 2005; Teegarden et al., 2003) on 7 nights from 2001 Dec. 18 to 2003
Mar. 07 with 21 images available from SkyMorph website. An outburst by
~2.5m was detected on 2002 Jan. 17.

  20020108.273  18.4CV  NEAT
  20020117.392  15.8CV  NEAT
  20020204.139  18.2CV  NEAT

It was either a normal outburst or a superoutburst on the rise.

Animation of NEAT images (combined triplets from three nights):

Color-combined DSS finder chart (10'x10' FOV):

Star labeled with V=14.54 from APASS DR9 was used as a reference.

Denis Denisenko

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