[vsnet-alert 21949] OGLE-2018-NOVA-01: a classical (recurrent) nova candidate (11.5 mag) in the LMC (ATel #11384)

Patrick Schmeer pasc1312-aavso@yahoo.de via vsnet-alert vsnet-alert at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Fri Mar 9 07:07:08 JST 2018

P. Mroz, A. Udalski (Warsaw University Observatory),
on behalf of the OGLE team:
"OGLE-2018-NOVA-01: a Classical (Recurrent) Nova Candidate
in the Large Magellanic Cloud" (ATel #11384)

"The nova is located at (RA, DEC) = (05:13:32.71, -68:38:00.4) J2000.0.
It was discovered in the image acquired on 2018 Feb 27.07770 UT at an
I-band magnitude of 11.5."
"The progenitor was clearly visible in the OGLE images. It had the mean
magnitude of I = 19.73 mag and color (V-I) = 0.57 mag. It showed
eclipsing-like variability with a period of 2.84995 +/- 0.00003 d.
The star is located 15 arcsec from the reported position of Nova LMC 1996,
within the uncertainty of the Nova LMC 1996 position. It is probably the
second recorded eruption of this object."

Finding charts can be found here:

Clear skies,

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