[vsnet-alert 21974] Re: Nova LMC 2009 deep eclipse

Berto Monard bmonard at mweb.co.za
Thu Mar 15 19:00:25 JST 2018

Hello Taichi,

Indeed, those 2009 observations covered another LMC recurrent nova. They were six
'short' nights.

It is unfortunate that those novae often occur off season. Alhough the LMC is
circumpolar to most southern observers, the observations then will only be short
and with airmass mostly >2.


Berto Monard / CBA Kleinkaroo

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Subject: [vsnet-alert 21971] Re: Nova LMC 2009 deep eclipse

Re: Nova LMC 2009 deep eclipse

   This was a result of simple confusion.
The name is Nova LMC 1996 and the past observations by Monard referred to another
recurrent nova Nova LMC 2009.

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