[vsnet-alert 21989] Re: ASASSN-18fl

Brian Skiff bas at lowell.edu
Sun Mar 18 03:52:08 JST 2018

On Sat, 2018-03-17 at 13:33 -0500, Keisuke Isogai wrote:
> ASASSN-18fl
>      Large outburst amplitude (~6 mag). SDSS colors suggest an SU UMa-type DN.
> ASASSN-18fl     ---     -------     7:45:39.19     -10:8:59.9  2018-03-17.17     13.9     SDSS     DSS     VIZIER     -------  bright CV candidate, matches to blue g=20.1 SDSS source, V>17.5 on 2018-03-12.19, V=13.9 on 2018-03-17.17

     Along with SDSS-DSS-Vizier, folks should add Pan-STARRS
to the surveys to be checked for these transients.  In the south
the new SkyMapper survey should also be searched.
     Pan-STARRS is in VizieR (item II/349), so should come up
in a generic search.  This provides multiple epochs of
observation, versus only n=1 usually for SDSS.
     SkyMapper is not yet at VizieR, but has a query page here:


This covers the entire southern sky between about mag 9 and 18
in Sloan g,r,i,z plus two very useful filters in the violet.


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