[vsnet-alert 22027] Re: TCP J21290156+3631056: new transient (11.5 mag) in Cygnus

Somogyi Péter psomogyi at freemail.hu
Mon Mar 26 17:36:41 JST 2018

I've taken a R~500 spectrum on 2018.03.24 morning:

By continuum curve and features at noise level, a dwarf nova in outburst.

P. Somogyi

> RA 21h29m01.56s, DEC +36°31'05.6" (J2000.0)
> 2018 Mar. 22.7846 UT, 11.5 mag (CCD, unfiltered)
> Discoverer: Tadashi Kojima (Gunma-ken, Japan)

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