[vsnet-alert 23500] AT 2019olv - bright (14m) large-amplitude object in Corona Australis

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko@gmail.com via vsnet-alert vsnet-alert at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Aug 26 15:12:16 JST 2019

Brazilian Transient Search team (C. Jacques et al.) has reported a new
object in Corona Australis to Transient Name Server:

BraTS-SON-T2-007 = AT 2019olv
Position (J2000.0): 19 12 52.76 -41 25 30.7

AT 2019olv
  20190823.980   15.1C   BraTS

The object was detected on the rise by ASAS-SN Sky Patrol (B. Shappee
et al., C. Kochanek et al.):

AT 2019olv
  20190823.0655  >172g   ASAS-SN
  20190823.2469  >167g   ASAS-SN
  20190823.8734  15.44g  ASAS-SN
  20190825.0765  13.85g  ASAS-SN

ASAS-SN light curve:

Color-combined DSS finder chart (10'x10' FOV):

There is nothing at this position in Vizier. However, a faint object
(~21m) is marginally visible on DSS plate. Outburst amplitude is at
least 7 magnitudes. Multi-color imaging and time-resolved photometry
are encouraged. Note: there is a 16.8m Gaia star 9" to the South of
the variable.

Denis Denisenko

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