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The Astronomer's Telegram 

ATEL #13047							
Title:	SOAR spectroscopic confirmation of a new eruption of the 
recurrent nova V3890 Sgr
Author:	J. Strader, L. Chomiuk, E. Aydi, A. Kawash, J. Miller, K. V. 
Sokolovsky, S. Swihart (MSU), K. Stanek, C. Kochanek (OSU), B. Shappee 
Queries:	strader at pa.msu.edu
Posted:	28 Aug 2019; 00:47 UT
Subjects:Optical, Nova, Transient

A new eruption of the recurrent nova V3890 Sgr was reported by A. 
Pereira as of UT 2019-08-27.87. We obtained spectra of V3890 Sgr with 
the Goodman Spectrograph on the SOAR telescope on UT 2019-08-27.98. The 
spectra show very broad P Cygni profiles of H I and He I lines and 
perhaps He II, N III, and Na lines as well. The absorption trough of 
H-alpha extends to at least 4200 km/s from the center of the emission 
component. This confirms a new nova outburst of the recurrent nova V3890 
Sgr, the first since 1990.

V3890 Sgr was observed by the ASAS-SN survey over the last day, 
including a data point at UT 2019-08-27.05 where it was at its recent 
quiescent magnitude, and a point at UT 2019-08-27.75 where a magnitude 
is not reported. Inspection of the image suggests this is because the 
source was saturated. Hence the nova is very likely to have occurred 
between these two observations, and this first spectroscopy of the nova 
took place less than 1 day after the nova. This field is frequently 
observed by astronomers, and additional observations that better 
constrain the rise time of the nova may yet emerge.

Follow-up observations are strongly encouraged.


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