[vsnet-alert 23917] Re: PNV J17561375-2942546: possible nova (11.5 mag) in Sagittarius

Josch Hambsch hambsch at telenet.be
Sat Feb 1 19:50:03 JST 2020

I have taken BVI images of this object last night.
The position is:
RA 17 56 14.04, DE -29 42 58.2 (J2000.0)

At JD 2458880.89604 the V magnitude was 11.18 (+/-0.01) mag, B magnitude was 12.42 (+/-0.03). Airmass was 1.8.
Still need to find I magnitudes for the comp stars as the ones chosen did not have I mags in the UCAC4 database.
Data will be sent to the AAVSO database.

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PNV J17561375-2942546  (N:)
RA 17 56 13.75, DE -29 42 54.6 (J2000.0)
2020 Jan. 30.8568 UT, mag. 11.5
Discoverer: N.N.

Confirmation is urgently required (and subsequently spectroscopy, precise astrometry, and multiband photometry).
Clear skies,

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