[vsnet-alert 24073] AQ Eri outburst so far

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko@gmail.com via vsnet-alert vsnet-alert at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Tue Mar 17 20:18:32 JST 2020

I am continuing to montior AQ Eri in the snapshot mode with COAST
(unfiltered) and iTelescope in V filter.

AQ Eri
  20200301.8865   173CV   COAST
  20200305.8891   173CV   COAST
  20200307.8950   178CV   COAST  Dip before the outburst
  20200309.8646  13.47CV  COAST  Outburst!
  20200310.9137  13.43CV  COAST
  20200311.9430  13.31CV  COAST
  20200313.4241  13.27V   T31
  20200313.4334  13.29V   T31
  20200315.8643  13.63CV  COAST
  20200317.4028  13.74V   T31
  20200317.4088  13.77V   T31

The first four lines were reported in [vsnet-alert 24045].

The current outburst is too long for a normal outburst. Duration of ~10
days is rather normal for a superoutburst. The current behavior is too
strange for a superoutburst, either. The fading rate during the Dec. 2008 -
Jan. 2009 superoutburst was about 0.1-0.15 mag/day - typical for UGSU.
2008/2009 superoutbutst has peaked at 12.7V fading to 14.5V in 12 days.
March 2020 outburst was fainter by 0.7m in the beginning, but is brighter
by 0.6m at T0+8 days.

Has anybody obtained a 2-3 hr long time series during the last week? Have
been the superhumps detected?

Denis Denisenko

P.S. AAVSO observer FJQ has resubmitted his measurements of AQ Eri. AAVSO
light curve generator is giving the correct data now.

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