[vsnet-alert 24143] ASASSN-15kd: not an SU UMa star

Taichi Kato tkato at kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Apr 5 09:53:43 JST 2020

ASASSN-15kd: not an SU UMa star

   Tonny Vanmunster reported observations.  There was no
evidence of superhumps during the long outburst.
The humps reported in [vsnet-alert 24137] were
recorded then the object faded almost close to
quiescence, and _not in outburst_.

   During the plateau (Mar. 22-26), this object
didn't fade significantly (less than 0.1 mag),
which is characteristic to an SS Cyg-type outburst.
The rate fo rapid decline from the plateau is
pretty consistent with that of an SS Cyg-type
dwarf nova.

   The object should be classified as an SS Cyg star
based on the absence of superhumps during
the plateau phase.

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