[vsnet-alert 24152] PNV J11042370-4959170 shows superhumps

Berto Monard astroberto13m@gmail.com via vsnet-alert vsnet-alert at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Apr 8 23:01:35 JST 2020

Timeseries photometry were done on several nights at CBA KKO of PNV
J11042370-4959170 since the reported outburst. Finally superhumps have
Last nights observations show an active periodic modulation in the light
curve with an estimated amplitude of 0.3mag. The mean brightness is 15.8CR
and the period 0.0605d +/- 0.0002d, which makes it is questionable if the
object is an ugwz type DN, as expected from the large outburst amplitude
and a s/hump delay time between 8 and 15d.

Further observations are planned.

Berto Monard / CBA KKO

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