[vsnet-alert 25030] ZTF20actzmzp = AT 2020abfh - bright (13m), large-amplitude dwarf nova in Draco

Denis Denisenko d.v.denisenko@gmail.com via vsnet-alert vsnet-alert at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Nov 30 18:20:00 JST 2020

ZTF Lasair light curve and snapshots:

Transient Name Server page: https://wis-tns.weizmann.ac.il/object/2020abfh

ZTF photometry (Masci et al., 2019):

ZTF20actzmzp = AT 2020abfh
  20201126.3616  <198r   ZTF  Last non-detection in r
  20201126.4751  <203g   ZTF  Last non-detection in g
  20201127.4572  13.83r  ZTF
  20201127.5116  13.28g  ZTF
  20201128.4678  12.65r  ZTF
  20201128.5107  12.35g  ZTF
  20201129.4657  13.03r  ZTF
  20201129.5323  12.72g  ZTF
  20201130.3166  12.90g  ZTF

Pan-STARRS DR1 position and magnitudes (Chambers et al., 2016):
09 48 58.61 +77 14 37.5
g=21.39(4) r=21.37(5) i=21.39(5)

USNO-B1.0 1672-0063651 B1=20.83 R1=20.03 B2=20.72
GALEX J094858.6+771438  FUV=22.17(50) NUV=21.68(33)

Outburst amplitude is about 8.5 magnitudes. No past detections on Harvard
plates (DASCH project). Excellent candidate for WZ Sge-type dwarf nova.
Time-resolved photometry is strongly encouraged.

Denis Denisenko

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