[vsnet-alert 25653] Re: ST Cha: IW And-type dip ongoing?

Josch Hambsch hambsch at telenet.be
Sun Apr 4 21:10:36 JST 2021

I have send the data of Apr. 1 and 2 under the subject Mar. 1 and 2.
The dip has been ongoing and is now brightening based on last night's

Josch Hambsch

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Subject: [vsnet-alert 25649] ST Cha: IW And-type dip ongoing?

ST Cha: IW And-type dip ongoing?

  Following brightening from standstill at the end of March.
Josch Hambsch followed this object but no data since Mar. 31.

  YYYYMMDD(UT)   mag  observer
  20210327.456   138  (Rod Stubbings)
  20210330.467   142  (Rod Stubbings)
  20210331.448   143  (Rod Stubbings)
  20210402.465   143  (Rod Stubbings)
  20210403.483   144  (Rod Stubbings)

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