[vsnet-alert 25655] Possible Nova in Sgr

Andrew Pearce a.tpearce at bigpond.com
Mon Apr 5 07:22:41 JST 2021

I’d like to report a discovery of a possible nova in Sagittarius.  I was using a Canon 1100D DSLR camera with a 100mm f/2.8 lens.  Total exposure time was 20 seconds (2 x 10s images stacked). 
Apr 4.825 UT
RA 17 58 16.7
Dec -29 14 49
Unfiltered magnitude estimate - 8.4
I visually confirmed the suspect and estimated the magnitude as 8.8 on April 4.857 UT.
I have not been able to perform astrometry as my DSLR images don’t allow it (10.8 arc sec per pixel).   The position is estimated off the image compared to Guide 9 data.

The suspect is located close to V3895 Sgr but I’ve confirmed that it is distinct from it.
The suspect was also seen on 2 other exposures (20s each) at the same time with no evidence of motion.  
Previous observations are shown below
Apr 1.791  [11.0
Mar 27.794 [11.0

I have checked for minor planets via the Minor Planet Checker and there was no minor planets within 10’ of the position to magnitude 12.  I have checked the DSS image and can see no star at the location down to approximate 17th mag.
I have also checked the GCVS and the AAVSO VSX database and no known variable star is at this position (V3895 Sgr is close by).

This has been reported to the CBAT.

Andrew Pearce

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