[vsnet-alert 25988] Re: Multicolor photometry of V1674 Her (Nova Her 2021 = TCP J18573095+1653396)

Filipp Romanov filipp.romanov.27.04.1997@gmail.com via vsnet-alert vsnet-alert at ooruri.kusastro.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Sun Jun 20 01:54:57 JST 2021

I am attaching my new observations taken remotely using 0.355-m f/6.2
Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope of Abbey Ridge Observatory (Canada):

HERV1674 20210617.09233 10.071V RFD 0.007
HERV1674 20210617.09314 10.345B RFD 0.021
HERV1674 20210617.09397 8.537R RFD 0.008
HERV1674 20210617.09479 8.396I RFD 0.010

HERV1674 20210619.09199 10.650V RFD 0.008
HERV1674 20210619.09280 10.835B RFD 0.023
HERV1674 20210619.09365 9.088R RFD 0.007
HERV1674 20210619.09447 9.124I RFD 0.010

And my DSLR photometry from Yuzhno-Morskoy (near Nakhodka, Russia)
using Canon EOS 60D camera:

HERV1674 20210612.69220 6.31cG RFD 0.03
HERV1674 20210615.73778 9.4cG RFD 0.08

My comparison of these photos is published at the link:

The fading of brightness continues, but not so rapidly as before.

With best regards, Filipp Romanov (Russia).

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