[vsnet-alert 8793] CV activity of late

Berto Monard LAGMonar at csir.co.za
Tue Jan 10 17:20:40 JST 2006

CCD observations of 6-7 January 2006 
observer: Berto Monard  MLF, Pretoria, South Africa
Bronberg observatory / CBA Pretoria
location:  25 º 54' 32", 28º 26' 18"E, altitude 1590m
instrumentation: LX200 12" f/3.7 with ST 7XME, unfiltered
conditions: highly humid but open, moonlight

CENV1025   060107.020   151CR   MLF   
CENV1033   060107.021   156CR   MLF   /  has returned from a faint state (<18 CR)
CENV1043   060107.022   145CR   MLF   /  still active
CENV1047   060107.033   144CR   MLF
CENV0504   060107.029   145CR   MLF  /  possible fading (VY Scl type)  
CENV0834   060107.030   138CR   MLF  /  bright
CTCV J0549-4921   060106.741   141CR   MLF   /  outburst
CTCV J1300-3052   060107.024   158CR   MLF   /  bright
Ha 0242-2802   060106.785   158CR   MLF   /   reported outburst
HYAMN   060107.004   190CR   MLF   /   faint

reported CR magnitudes result from differential photometry to non red comparison stars with R magnitudes (directly or derived) from published photometric data or traceable (by lack of better) to UCAC2 with colour input from J and K data from 2MASS.

Estimated uncertainties (errors) are 0.3 to 0.6 mag in accuracy and 0.1 to 0.3 mag in precision

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