[vsnet-alert 8795] (fwd) ATEL #693: ROTSE3 J154041.5-002703.2: New SU UMa?

Makoto Uemura uemuram at hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Tue Jan 17 09:23:39 JST 2006

(fwd) ATEL #693: ROTSE3 J154041.5-002703.2: New SU UMa?

    According to ATEL #693, the ROTSE-III system detected a new 
CV candidate, ROTSE3 J154041.5-002703.2, at RA: 235.17297, DEC: -0.45089.  

It was faound at 15.2 mag on Jan 9.  The light curve of the outburst 
can be seen at the ROTSE page;

    The light curve is reminiscent of a superoutburst of SU UMa-type 
dwarf novae.  While the current outburst looks close to the end, 
monitoring for the next outburst is encouraged.

Makoto Uemura
Hiroshima University

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