[vsnet-alert 8800] Nova alert

W.Liller wliller at compuserve.com
Sat Jan 21 01:17:10 JST 2006

Hola Everyone -

No, I do not have a new candidate, but I do want to send this message to
any of you who have not been following the machinations of the strange Nova
LMC 2005.

In brief, after reaching, on Nov 26, approximately V =11.5 (TP film, no
filter), it faded in just a few days' time to almost V =13.0.  Then a week
later it had climbed back to V = 12.1 after which it was off on a slow and
irregular decline -- 24 days -- to V = 14.05 on Dec 30.7.  Since then it
brightened again reaching V = 12.51 on Jan 10.4.  However, the last two
observations, show it fading slowly: on Jan 15 at V = 13.0 and last night
at V = 13.17.

I have been sent several time series: they all show irregular variations on
the order of one- or two-tenths of a magnitude, and during a run on Jan 10,
the fluctuations became quite rapid with changes of 0.15 mags in about 45
seconds.  This behavior continued for a little more than a half hour.

The main observers are Bill Allen of NZ, and in Australia, Giorgio Di Scala
and Bernard Heathcote.  All three are first-rate CCD photometrists who have
been using check stars and standardized equipment.  They can be trusted, I
assure you.

There is no obvious periodicity to these fluctuations, but a detailed
anaysis is needed.  Perhaps most important would be spectral observations
both from the ground (CTIO?) and from space (Spitzer?).

I will certainly let you know if anything more dramatic occurs.

All the best to all,   Bill Liller

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